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PH7’s Vision

Our vision is to keep growing, gradually and steadily Each step well calculated to maintain the standards and quality that PH7 has grown to become. known for . Standing out, making a difference and innovating have been the pillars of PH7 Our vision is to embrace the changes in the market and to always present that which is new and unique.

PH7’s Mission

PH7 is founded on two major principles
1. Creating new challenges
2. Rising up to the challenges
These principles are applied to the indi vidual as well as across the organization al level
Every year, PH7 strives for growth and improvement. Our team works as one towards achieving the same goals .


Operating since January 2001, PH7 has extensive experience in the communica tions field and has developed longstanding relationships with the leading local and regional com panies across the sectors.
With a multi-cultural environ ment of highly qualified team members, PH7 offers international standards and quality in an environment that is fully engrained in the local society and psyche.

Contact Info


Zahra Complex, 8th floor, office # 36, Salem Al Mubarak St. Salmiya, Kuwait P.O. Box 2020 – Al Yarmouk 12020


+965 - 25720810, 25716177


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